We Are All We Have



Mother and Son by Gabriel Aquino

We Are All We Have

In finite measures our humanity is incalculable and binding

Our sense of what can be or become confined only by our lack of imagination

I don’t need to know your name or your religion to love your child and wish her safe

Like sand her particles are not separate from mine, individual, yes, but sand is always plural

We are all we have

Your son need not look like mine, or know how to pronounce his name, for me to love him and wish him safe

Like waves we arrive at distant shores together, who among us could claim to know where parts of the sea begin or end, there are no parts

There is only the sea

We are all we have

Our despair turned fear quickly bristles in anger.

Acrobats with no net, we balance on fine and quivering ropes over dreams and dreaming, across the vast expanse of future

Unsure, unmoored and clinging to children, born and yet to come.

What we want for our own children creates an echo that speaks every language and wants for every child all that is good

We are all we have

Do we have the courage to want for others as much as we want for ourselves?





2 thoughts on “We Are All We Have

  1. I just returned to this and read it for a second (third?) time….it rings so strong and clear and true, it stops me in my tracks every time with its fierce, unblinking beauty.

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